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Wellness Sessions

 - Virtual- 


60 minute sessions

Wellness sessions are perfect for general information about pelvic health as well as for preparing for birth and postpartum.  Sessions can include a mix of information and individualized movement, depending on your goals.  After each session you will be provided with a write-up of what we covered as well as any supplemental materials such as informational handouts and exercise videos.

Common topics covered in wellness sessions:

Learning about your anatomy

✔️ How to do your own pelvic floor assessment

✔️ Breathing, posture, and body mechanics

✔️ Bowel and bladder health

✔️ Strategies for managing conditions such as diastasis or pelvic organ prolapse

✔️ Functional movement strategies in pregnancy

✔️ How to connect to the pelvic floor

✔️ Developing a birth plan

✔️ Labor positions

✔️ Early postpartum recovery

✔️ Gentle movements for early postpartum

✔️ Movement and exercise plan

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