Rooted Pelvis Health

Comprehensive perinatal wellness.


Hi, I’m Sarah. I empower clients around pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery.

The process of pregnancy, birth, and becoming a parent are transformational experiences. 

Not only do we have to recover physically, but having a baby also completely changes our lives and sense of identity.


With the way our current culture operates, we don't receive much guidance.  I'm here to help!

I believe that:

  • Although not everything is within our control, we can educate ourselves and prepare for the birth and postpartum experiences that we want.

  • You deserve support in healing from birth and taking on the role of becoming a parent.

  • Things like pain and leaking shouldn’t be dismissed.  The are common, but often treatable.

  • Postpartum recovery is not just about exercise.  Nutrition, sleep, and mental health impact our overall well being.

  • While I may have a lot of training around these topics, you are ultimately the expert of your body and I believe that working together should be a partnership.


In clinic, in your home, or telehealth.  Flexible options to meet your needs.

Pre- and post-natal classes focus on movements that support the unique changes of the body and offer a time to connect with one another.

Group workshops on various topics around pelvic health, pregnancy, and postpartum recovery.


Areas of Care



SPD, SI pain, low back pain, pelvic health, core strengthening & exercise, birth & postpartum prep,

self-care & mental health



Recovery from birth,

core strengthening & returning to exercise,

body mechanics,

self-care & mental health


Bowel & Bladder

Leaking, urgency, frequency, constipation, pelvic organ prolapse



SI joint, hip, low back, genital, pain with intercourse