Hi, I'm Sarah, a pelvic health & perinatal occupational therapist.


Whether you're dealing with a pelvic health issue or simply planning ahead for postpartum recovery, my mission is to help you feel resilient, strong, and supported in pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

Things like leaking and pelvic pain are common, but treatable, and not something you have to accept as simply a part of having a baby.

If you're looking to get back to doing the things that are most important to you and having a better understanding and connection to your body, you're in the right place.


I'd love to help you!

  • In-office, in-home, or virtual

  • Individualized assessment & treatment sessions consisting of manual therapy, pelvic health education, & therapeutic exercise.

  • Plan of care targeted to address specific goals.

  • Virtual for MA residents only.

  • HSA/FSA accepted, out-of-network superbill provided upon request.

  • In-office, in-home, or virtual

  • General information about pelvic & perinatal health

  • Private yoga, strength training, & movement sessions.

  • 1:1 or small groups upon request.

  • Workshops around pelvic health topics

  • Group pre & postnatal yoga

How we can work together.

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Areas of Care


Pelvic health

  • Leaking

  • Urinary urgency & increased frequency 

  • Constipation

  • Pelvic organ prolapse

  • SI joint, hip, & low back pain

  • Pain with sex

Pregnant belly


  • Pelvic girdle & low back pain

  • General pelvic health

  • Core strengthening & exercise

  • Birth & postpartum preparation

Mother Holding Baby


  • Recovery from birth

  • Core strengthening & returning to exercise

  • Body mechanics

  • Diastasis recti

  • Self-care & mental health

Kind words from clients.

"I had the best experience working with Sarah after I had my twins. Sarah provided Pelvic Floor Therapy, Post Partum Exercise/Body Mechanics Support and C-Section Scar massage/mobilization. Sarah is kind, warm and understanding. I found her recommendations to be very practical and realistic to what’s possible for a new mom. I was initially nervous about the pelvic floor internal exam just not knowing what to expect, but Sarah has a wonderful way of making it a comfortable experience and provided step by step explanation of whats going to happen. I gained a better understanding of what’s going on with my post partum body ❤️."