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Does pelvic floor therapy make you think of sitting there doing kegels?

You'll never get that with us.

Pelvic floor issues often stem from elsewhere in the body and our expert therapists are trained to take a whole-body approach.

  • What can I expect in sessions?
    Each session is 60 minutes with your therapist, and is typically a mix of hands-on work (either at your pelvic floor or elsewhere), education, and movement. You will always work with your therapist for the full 60 minutes and will NEVER be handed off to a therapy aide.
  • Can I bring my baby?
    Absolutely! You don't have to let us know, you can just show up with your baby or toddler.
  • How long does pelvic floor therapy take?
    This is a hard one to answer because we don’t know until we evaluate you. Everyone is different and the reason that you’re seeing us also might be very different from someone else. That being said, you should see a change in at least one symptom after 2-3 sessions.
  • Do you offer internal work?
    Yes! Our therapists are trained in vaginal and rectal pelvic floor muscle assessment which can be extremely important to get the full picture. That being said, we NEVER require this as a part of treatment, it is ALWAYS your choice. Internal work is one tool in the tool box, but our therapists have a lot of tools to work with.
  • How do I know pelvic floor therapy can help me?
    You're a good candidate for therapy if: ✅you have any of the conditions or symptoms mentioned above ✅You're ready to get started You're NOT a good candidate for therapy if: ❌ You're looking for a “quick fix” (side note: beware of programs that offer this 🚩) ❌ You don’t think you’d be able to commit beyond 2-3 sessions. We’re being totally honest and don't want to waste you time- that’s not realistic!
  • What do you help with?
    Bladder issues: ✅ Stress urinary incontinence (leaking pee when you cough, laugh, jump, etc.) ✅ Bladder urgency symptoms and urgency incontinence (getting the sudden urge to pee and leaking on the way to the bathroom) ✅ Overactive bladder ✅ Pelvic organ prolapse symptoms Bowel issues: ✅ Fecal incontinence (staining in your underwear, leaking poop or being unable to control gas) ✅ Recurrent hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and constipation ✅ Pelvic organ prolapse symptoms Pelvic pain: ✅ pelvic girdle pain and pelvic pain in pregnancy (pain at the hip, SI joint, sciatica, tailbone, or SPD/ pubic bone pain) ✅ Pain with sex ✅ Vulvodynia, vestibulodynia, dyspareunia (pain at the vulva, vagina, and pain with sex), vaginismus ✅ Pain with tampon, cup, or disc insertion ✅ Pain with pelvic exams Pregnancy and postpartum (in addition to the issues listed above): ✅ Labor and birth prep ✅ C-section recovery ✅ Recovery from tearing or episiotomy ✅ Labor and birth prep ✅ Exercise modifications ✅ Returning to running, lifting, or other high intensity exercises postpartum
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My therapist was a kind, welcoming wealth of pelvic floor knowledge. She listened to my concerns each session, targeted my problems and gave me straightforward exercises between sessions. She played a huge role in my postpartum recovery, and I feel so much stronger and have more understanding of my pelvic floor after working with her. I highly recommend Rooted Pelvic Health & Wellness and will be seeing them again during and after future pregnancies!

-SG, happy client


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