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Our Story

Bridging the gap between pelvic floor therapy and movement.

Rooted Pelvic Health & Wellness was founded in 2021 by Sarah Coombs, OTR/L after her own journey with c-section recovery, stress incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse.  Like many others, Sarah was shocked at the lack of postpartum care after the birth of her daughter and with no other guidance, she tried to jump right back into exercise after her 6 week appointment.

Quickly realizing that there must be more to recovery, Sarah sought out pelvic floor therapy, only to find that sessions consisted of kegels and no other information about progressing back into exercise. Experiencing this gap in care fueled the fire to do something different.


Whether you’re early postpartum, menopausal, or dealing with pelvic pain, Rooted is committed to bridge this gap so that you receive the best quality care.   Many of our clients have been told either never to exercise or that exercises will make their symptoms worse.  By addressing your body as a system rather than separate parts, we CAN get you back doing the things that are important to you whether that's running, jumping, lifting, or simply being able to rough house with your kids.

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At Rooted You Will:

1. Always work with your therapist for full 60 minute sessions and will never be passed off to a rehab aide.

2. Receive an individualized plan of care.  Cookie cutter exercises like kegels and clamshells don’t cut it, and you deserve better.  

3. Never be told you that you can’t exercise. We might need to modify or adapt things for a bit, but you absolutely CAN get back to do the things you enjoy.

4. Work with a therapist that looks at physical and nervous system drivers for your symptoms.  You are person, not just a bunch of muscles!  


5. Get both hands-on treatment AND movement-based strategies.  We believe that this is the best of both worlds, but most pelvic floor rehab tends to be one or the other.


Meet the Team

Sarah Coombs (she/her)
Owner, Pelvic Health Therapist

Sarah is an occupational therapist with extensive training in pelvic floor rehabilitation including coursework through Herman & Wallace, as well as training under Lynn Schulte and Hayley Kava.  She is also a yoga teacher and certified postpartum corrective exercise specialist through Dr. Sarah Duvall’s PCES.  Sarah loves blending her background in yoga and movement to help clients feel their best.

When Sarah is not seeing clients and running a business, she is busy taking care of her two young kiddos, cat, and chickens.  She loves knitting, reading, and living by the ocean.

Natasha Oliveira (she/her)
Pelvic Health Therapist

Natasha is an occupational therapist who has a background in both pelvic floor rehab as well as working with babies and toddlers in early intervention.  Natasha is also certified as a postpartum corrective exercise specialist through Dr. Sarah Duvall's PCES program.


Natasha has a passion for helping others and empowering clients to remain and sustain confidence in doing the things that are most important to them.


A Larson (she/her)
Client Care Coordinator & Administrative Assistant

A is our Client Care Coordinator and Administrative Assistant. With 9 years of experience in the administrative world, A is passionate about creating a comfortable environment and loves bringing creative solutions to the table.


When not at work, A enjoys horse riding, playing the ukulele, seeing live music, solving escape rooms, and spending time with her dog, Oatmeal. She is in school completing a degree in psychology and is passionate about all things mental health.


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