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Birth & Postpartum Planning

- In-office - Virtual- 

While it’s only natural to be spending a lot of time planning for your baby, are you planning for YOU?  You are in the driver’s seat and there are a lot of choices you can make along the way about what you want for your birth and postpartum experience.  All of the choices can be overwhelming- we're here to help!

Sessions can include but are not limited to:

✔️Developing a birth plan

✔️ Advocating for yourself

✔️ Labor positions

✔️ Connecting to your pelvic floor

✔️ Strategies for pushing

✔️ Mental & emotional preparation

✔️ Partner support 

✔️ Home setup 

✔️ Postpartum supplies

✔️ Body mechanics with baby

✔️ Bowel & bladder health

✔️ Gentle movements for early postpartum

✔️ Supporting pelvic health in early postpartum

✔️Cesarean recovery

Partners are welcome (and encouraged) to join. ​

Rooted Pelvis now offers pregnancy & postpartum wellness packages to cover these topics.  Reach out for more information!

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